Pride flag dragons for Flight Rising

LGBT+ Pride Dragons for Flight Rising, prices range from 10k to 20k at the moment. I’ll be running giveaways as well. Please signal boost!

The forum post also includes several pride flag breeding pairs from other clans, if you are breeding pride dragons I’m happy to include them!

ravensflight's pride flag dragons 

quick plug for someone who is breeding flag pairs still, go check their thread if you’re interested!

Jun 09th
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Project Ending 

The time has come for me to wind down the flag dragons project. It’s been lots of fun, and I’ve contributed lots to the gene pool, but I want to move on to other things.

I will be keeping Pride & Agenda as a breeding pair, so if you’re still interested in hatchlings from them please let me know at my hatchery thread and I will ping you.

If anyone is partial to keeping any of the other dragons, let me know or send me a CR and you can have them for 10k. I’ll be making my way through them slowly to train/exalt, so get them while you can.

(Billie, Bowie, Bee, Aye, Marra, Jaan, Asanka, Balian, Garofalo, Gorey, Ace, Cake, Gee, Quu, Gendar, Quirk, Omna, Mystick, Paan, Rodimus)

Thank you for being great, thank you to everyone who has contributed, and best wishes to anyone continuing to breed flag dragons.

May 31st
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New GQ, Bi & Trans hatchlings for sale 

+ some ace and GQ coloured hatchlings from another breeding, unrelated to these dragons if you’re looking for mates.

May 28th
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Rainbow hatchlings! Show with adult previews.

  • steel/red/lemon
  • steel/red/banana

The winners! (picked using

I will message you ASAP about your prize!

May 26th
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May 25th
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Pride and Agenda are having rainbow babies! This clutch is being given away to people who would like a chance to own their own flag dragon.

You can see a set of potential offspring here.


  • reblog with your flight rising username and number (the number at the end of your FR profile URL)
  • likes do not count
  • only 1 reblog will be counted, don’t spam your followers


  • if you have previously won a giveaway here, you can still win this one (i figure it’s been long enough coming)
  • you can reblog from sideblogs/FR blogs, but 1 reblog per FR username will be counted
  • you can do as you please with the hatchling if you win, just don’t be a tool


  • Two winners will be chosen with a random number generator
  • The 1st winner will get first pick of the hatchlings
  • 2nd will get the other hatchling

CLOSING DATE: Hatchday is Sunday 25th May!


buy em

40k - caribbean/magenta/banana male

40k - azure/magenta/banana female

45k - caribbean/magenta/lemon female

May 20th
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  • lemon/magenta/teal 20k sold
  • banana/pink/teal 22.5k sold
  • lemon/pink/teal 22.5k sold
  • banana/magenta/aqua 20k sold

May 18th
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I have an odd question. Say I have a dragon that would fit pretty good for a pride breeding pair, would you accept a donation of them? Or buy them off of a person? Sorry for the weird question.
- Anonymous

I’m not in the market for new dragons/pairs, but you can post an advertisement for them here! Either via the submit feature or by tagging your own tumblr post #flagdragons. A follower might be interested.

May 18th
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Flag Dragons Breeding Project

breeding pride/flag inspired dragons. first clutches are going to be given away for free!

Sales thread on FR